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No rainbow without a little rain

What I’ve learnt through my experiences is that in life, it can’t all be sunshine and in order for there to be a rainbow, there must be some rain. One of the biggest challenges that took me a long time to overcome was accepting my journey for what it was and to not look at it as though I had been hard done by. I have had a lot of hardships in life but that isn't to say I'm any worse off than any other person because of them and the key here is the mindset. A positive or negative mindset will determine your whole overall outlook on life. The way you look at the challenges life has given you essentially sets the premise for the type of life you will live. 

The important thing is to change our thinking from 'this is so unfair' to understanding the positives that can be taken from the experience. In my case, instead of looking at the challenges I've faced as cruel or unfair, I look at them as experiences that have helped me to learn and grow. I really am thankfully for my struggles because they helped me to discover my strength and I know if it wasn't for those battles, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.

There are many things that we can take from our struggles, personal growth, learning experiences, unknown strength, a better understanding and appreciation. If we can realise that there’s always something positive to be taken from a difficult situation, I think we would all generally live happier lives.

So many people go through life feeling like they're so hard done by and have a terrible life when really there’s always someone worse off than us. If you think about it, anyone living in the first world is better off than somebody and it’s important to appreciate the little day to day things more and realise how lucky we really are. People with little to nothing are often a great deal happier than someone who has a lot and it all just depends on the person's outlook on life.  These people will appreciate their life and what they have a lot more than those who have more, which essentially leads them to live happier lives. Don't dwell on the negatives and the difficulties you've had, learn to understand and appreciate what you have achieved because of them.

The real point to be made in this post, comes from the truth in the saying that there's no rainbow without a little rain. Sometimes in life, we have to go through dark times in order for us to really truly appreciate the happy ones. Without a little darkness, we would never appreciate the light as much as we do.

What a suicide attempt really feels like

Suicide is and will always be an incredibly difficult subject to talk about, however, I truly believe the more we do, the bigger the difference that can be made, which essentially means more lives are saved. Suicide is a complete taboo subject that so many are terrified of talking about, whether a person is feeling it or its someone you know that may be, so many of us are too frightened to discuss it. After experiencing suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts, I know that our biggest problem is the fact people can't understand it because for anyone who has never felt depression to try and comprehend why anyone would want to take their own life, seems impossible.

The most vital point I have to make is that for me and for many others, suicide wasn't me wanting to actually die. What it actually was, was me wanting to no longer be suffering in pain. The pain that's like a dark cloud that's always hovering over you, no matter what you do it's always there. The unbearable pain of depression is indescribable and suicide feels like the only possible way to escape it.

What’s important to know is that if your a family member of someone who feels suicidal or makes a suicide attempt, it isn’t their fault. Please never blame them for this because that person does not mean to nor wants to cause you any pain but for them, it feels like the only way out. The strange thing is, is that actually, all that person really wants is to be happy. People just assume those suffering from depression or those who are suicidal make a choice to be sad but the reality is that it's actually the complete opposite of that. 

When I was unwell the one thing I would forever repeat was: 'I just want to be happy'. I didn't want to die, I just wanted to escape the depression I was suffering from and free myself from the pain I was in. I understand it can be confusing for people who have never experienced depression but let me tell you it's far more than just feeling sad and if suicide is the only way of ridding yourself of that pain then ultimately that's what you feel you have to do.

For those who do sadly lose their life to suicide, as a society, we need to establish a better understanding of it. Instead of judging them or describing them as selfish, its vital that we must realise that person felt they had no choice, and they felt it was their only way out. Of course, I know the pain their family and friends will suffer is unimaginable but I also know the pain of that individual was far greater. We should never judge another person who takes their own life or consider it a wasted life because it was their choice and although its incredibly sad, they are now free of that pain that they were so desperately trying to escape.

On the flip side of this argument, I don’t condone suicide in any way. I accept it and respect that it was that individuals decision but it doesn't mean I agree with it and the reason I say this is because I've been there. I've been the lowest you can possibly be and I've managed to get through it and come out the other side. It's the most difficult thing a person can ever probably do but it's possible. Some may disagree with me and assume I never suffered like others, to be able to be at the stage I am now, but to argue that, I openly admit I made multiple suicide attempts in the time I spent suffering. Years went by with me barely leaving my bedroom and staring at the walls because I was so depressed and didn't know what to do with myself, all of which that lead me to suicide. Something which I don't believe you can be any lower than. 

So my message to anyone feeling suicidal right now is that you MUST talk. No matter how hard it feels right now and how much hurt it can cause, you must talk to the people around you. These people will keep you safe, they will watch your every move and they won’t leave your side but when you manage to get out the other side, you'll be so thankful they did that. It's a very long, very difficult road to recovery but I truly believe if I can do it there's no stopping you doing it too. Seek help from doctors and psychiatrists and whatever you do never stop fighting because I know you can do it and you can one day find true, genuine happiness like I have. 

For anyone who knows someone dealing with suicidal thoughts, my message to you is to always be kind to them. No matter how angry and maybe disappointed you may feel, love them with every bone in your body and make sure they never feel alone. Get them the help they so desperately need - even if they don't want it because it could save their life. Don't be frightened to speak about their suicidal thoughts, it will help them to share, no matter how hard they may be to hear. To anyone who knows someone who has made a suicide attempt but failed, please never be angry with them, the guilt they will feel themselves is enough to warrant needing anyone else being angry with them. Most all of never, ever give up on them.

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    My acne story

    My acne journey began in my early teens and reached its worst stage when I was 16, it left me feeling like I wanted to hide. I would constantly have my hand over my face to cover it up, wear scarfs whenever possible and wear a ton of makeup. Everyone would always say to me that it was just a stage and it would eventually clear up but after suffering with acne for over 3 years I decided enough was enough and I was going to take action. Little did I know the heart ache that decision would bring.

    After being refered by my doctor to a specialist I was prescribed Roaccutanne. The drug made my skin completely break out, the worst it probably ever had so I didn't get off to a great start but I knew I had to give it time. After a few months I started to feel different in myself and very low. I noticed my moods getting decreasingly worse and knew I had to get help. At first I thought it could be due to an implant I'd recently started so I had that removed and gave it another couple of months, but with no change I made the decision to take myself off the drug. At this point I had no idea that the worst hadn’t even arrived yet and what was to follow were the most difficult years of my whole entire life.

    In those years I learnt what pain really was. Roacctuane left me stuck in an extremely dark place where I never wanted to leave my room with no one able to explain why. It took about a year for a doctor to finally get a diagnosis of depression due to Roaccutane. Sadly this was a side effect that I wasn't made aware of when choosing my options, I very much wish it was.

    In this time I rarely left the house and withdrew myself from pretty much everyone I knew. I felt completely lost in my life and unable to explain my low moods which lead me to a very dark road where I tried to commit suicide. Thankfully both attempts I made were unsuccessful but that only put me in a much darker place than before. Roaccutane didn't only change my mood but it also changed my mind forever and this is the reason my acne journey is such an important part of my story. It completely shaped the rest of my life. Nearly 7 years later and I’m still affected by the damages of Roacctuanne on a daily basis.

    After finishing with Roaccutane my skin got dramatically worse and at the beginning of 2017 I decided I needed to take action again but a lot more carefully this time. I came across Zo health and I’m so glad that I did. Zo health has improved my skin more than anything else I’ve ever tried and it has never changed my mood or my health.

    The pictures I have included with this post show my progress with Zo health products. These products have improved my acne so much and although it’s not perfect & I still have breakouts, it’s a million times better than it was. The pictures don't capture the biggest transformation of all, the transformation that happened inside. My whole attitude and mind-set has changed and my confidence levels have soared.

    To bring this up to date; I still use makeup to cover up and envy those who can leave the house without any and look amazing but I’m no longer ashamed of my acne. I've finally reached a point where I can accept the fact I have acne and sometimes my skin might look great, other times I have huge breakouts. I wanted to share my pictures to show others that it’s ok to have acne and to not be ashamed of it. We should all be confident in who we are, we all have flaws but should never judge one another because of them.

    With this post I also wanted to show anyone suffering with acne that you're not alone, there’s thousands of us all going through the same battle but by supporting one another we can make a difference. I hope my story can teach you to be extra careful when choosing your treatment plan because your life isn't something you should take risks with and that you should never be ashamed of yourself because you have acne. Be happy with who you are and love yourself unconditionally.

    January 2017
    January 2018

    2018; the year to stop making resolutions

    2018; the year to stop making resolutions you'll never keep!

    Whats the problem with resolutions? 
    1. They're always far too ambitious.
     2. People try to change too much all at once. 
    3. There's no room for mistakes.
    4. People expect too much of themselves.
    5. People don't allow a sufficient amount of time.

    Every year thousands of people make resolutions and only a small percentage will actually make them stick. I'm not doubting that it's great people want to improve themselves, what I am doubting is the way they go about it. Radical lifestyle changes will never be sustainable so I'm not sure why people suddenly think that just because its a new year it will work. Often people will only be able to keep them up until February or at a push March, with the reason being they're too drastic.  

    I believe strongly that if you're looking to improve your health it's something that should be for the rest of our lives and not just for a short period of time. If you change your lifestyle and become much healthier that doesn't mean you will stay healthy forever, as soon as you go back to your old habits you'll go back to feeling sluggish, run down and low in energy. You have to keep those habits up in order to sustain health in the long run.

    The best way to ensure that you can continue to live a healthy life is to implement small gradual changes every couple of weeks. For example in your first week trying to add a few extra fruit and vegetable portions into your diet and once you've got the hang of that move onto the next. Increase your water intake, keep that going for a few more weeks and then introduce some regular exercise. The reason this works is that you allow yourself enough time for them become a day to day habit, and once you've got the hang of one then include another. Hopefully, by explaining this logic it will help you realise how new years resolutions are almost always destined to not last. 

    What is most important to remember this new year is that although you may want to make changes to yourself you mustn't ever forget that your still wonderful just the way you are. Changes or no changes your still doing great and a new year should never make you feel anything different to that. My biggest worry with new years resolutions is that self-confidence is already a major issue among women and men that I worry new years resolutions only heightens that. Everyone is almost forced into thinking they need to be making changes and improving themselves that it leaves people thinking they're not good enough. When instead it should just be about becoming even happier and healthier versions of ourselves.

    One of my biggest wishes for 2018 is that it's the year we all learn to be kinder to ourselves and realise how great we really are because whether you feel you need to improve yourself or not you should always remember to love yourself first. 

    Happy new year to you all, I hope it brings you health and all the happiness in the world. x

    Supporting someone you love with depression

    Do you know someone who struggles with mental health and you find difficulty in knowing what to say, or how you can help? 

    In this post I want to share some light on a very difficult subject with the information coming directly from someone who has experienced those hard times and has battled through them. An subject that which needs to be talked about more because its such a grey area and depression is so difficult to understand for someone whose not going through it.

    First of all, the most important thing you can do to help is to try to understand them. I cannot empathise this enough. I understand it's an incredibly difficult thing to go through but what I have to remind you is that no matter how tough it is for you, it's 10x harder for that person who is suffering. 

    For those of you who have never experienced mental illness and depression the best way I can describe it is that it feels like your world has a big black cloud over it and no matter what you do that black cloud feels impossible to get rid of. Depression makes even the simplest of things like getting out of bed, preparing a meal, having a shower all a challenge and leaving the house feels virtually impossible. There's just a pain in your heart that never seems to go away, no matter how hard you try to fight it. 

    Often the person struggling will try and push those closest to them away and can sometimes deny needing any help, it's important for you to help them realise that it's not a bad thing to admit that they're struggling and its okay to ask for help. Let them know it's okay to not be okay and that you'll always be there for them. 

    How to help:
    • Listen to them. Don't judge, comment or interrupt, just listen. Being able to talk and tell someone how you feel can help to take a big part of the pain away. They don't want to hear what you think or be told what to do, most of the time we prefer to be able to just get all our emotions out and say exactly how we're feeling. It wont always be easy to hear but know that in doing so you'll be helping that person to feel a whole lot better.

    • Get them professional help. This isn't always something a person will want but I know that it is the most important thing you can do. Get them to see their doctor, they will be able to take them through the necessary steps whatever that may be, they will be able to guide you. It may be medication they need, therapy, or a combination of both whichever it is neither can be implemented unless they see a doctor.

    • Please never say to 'cheer up' or 'stop being so sad'. No one ever wants or needs to hear it. Whatever it is just don't say it, it will never, ever be helpful. Instead try and just act normal with the person, be positive in the way you speak to them and try and brighten their day, but please never tell them to just cheer up and get on with it. Try not to always be talking to them about their illness, they're still a human and can talk about normal things which can be really helpful distract their mind.

    • Sit with them and keep them company. The person may not always want to talk and often they wont, but just by having company it will help them to not feel alone and to feel like they have support. Even if this means sitting in a dark room with them then do so, this will show that you are there for them no matter what. Depression can be one of the loneliest places to be so having support will always mean more than you'll ever know, even if they don't always show it.

    • Help them find a focus. For me I always had my fitness and personal training to focus on and that really helped me to rebuild once I was on my way to recovery. Often when you feel low it can feel like life is pointless and unfulfilling, so having a focus gives you a purpose again. Whether its a goal they have, a hobby, or a new sport, whatever it is having a focus can help get the person through each day, so talk to them and try and find something they could work towards.

    • Get them out the house. This is something you must be very careful about, if the person who is unwell seems willing and okay to leave the house then help them to do so because fresh air and some gentle exercise like a walk can work absolute wonders. Be careful though, not to force someone if they aren't feeling up to it, you can normally gage a vibe of how they're feeling.

    I hope this blog post can help give an insight into what living with depression is really like and what you can do to help someone you may know struggling with it. I want you to remember that what's happening isn't their fault and they never chose to become unwell so don't ever blame them for it or make them feel as though they're a burden because of it. 

    Most importantly, please never give up on them, no matter how hard it gets, never give up because they need you now more than ever.

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